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Sangral Potassium Nitrate 13-0-46

Sangral Potassium Nitrate 13-0-46



  • Sangral® Potassium Nitrate is the ideal potassium source to grow outstanding crops with additional supply of directly available nitrogen in the form of nitrate.
  • NO3-facilitates the uptake of other essential nutrients like potassium (K+), calcium (Ca++) and magnesium (Mg++).
  • Free flowing, fine, crystalline powder of potassium nitrate, which quickly dissolves in water.
  • Virtually free of chloride and mixable with all water-soluble nutrient sources.
  • This makes Sangral® Potassium Nitrate the most all-round and efficient water-soluble K-source of its kind.

    * Composition:- (N=13, K2O=46) 

    * Formulation:- Soluble Fertilizers.

    * Recommendations:- Maturation and After fruiting stage.   يستخدم فى مرحلة النضوج وبعد الاثمار

    * Crops:- All plants.

    * Methods & Application rate:- Drip or Spread

    Trees: 30 – 35 gm/Tree/Week.   Vegetables: 10 – 35 gm/m2/Week.   Grapes:10 – 20 gm/m2/Week.   Potato: 10 – 35 gm/m2/Week.

    Corn, Wheat: 10 – 35 gm/m2/Week.   Ornamentals:10 – 15 gm/m2/Month.

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