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About Us

  • National Industrial Co. L.L.C in the United Arab Emirates is part of the Mohammed Hamad Al Mana Group of companies " " established in 1969 in Abu Dhabi, covering the whole UAE market through its subsidiaries and showrooms located in the main cities of UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Al Dhaid, and Liwa).

  • The company includes the Department of Veterinary Medicines and is associated with many other overseas companies. The company deals with the public sector as well as the private sector, wholesalers, and retailers.

  • The company has six agronomists and one veterinarian doctor and has a full team of sales officials with long market experience gained over the past years in the local market which today made NIC well known as a leading and well repute Agriculture supplier & distributing firm in the country.

  • Our warehouses of 1500 square meters situated in the Mussafah area in Abu Dhabi are equipped for the storage of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, and veterinary medicines at suitable temperatures and appropriate to the nature of the material, as well as storing all types of equipment and agricultural machinery.

  • The company has in its range several products, including agricultural & public hygiene pesticides, veterinary medicines, vegetable & flower seeds, and chemical soluble fertilizers as well as all types of equipment and agricultural machinery, spraying machines, garden tools, irrigation systems, and all items related to agriculture use.

  • We are agents for major companies in the field of agricultural pesticides, and public hygiene pesticides such as Syngenta, BASF, Novartis, Zapi, and AAKO.

  • We are agents for major companies in the field of veterinary medicine such as Zootek, Provet S.A, Dutch Farm, Zagro, Microsoles, Lexa, and Xaver Schedule.

  • In the field of vegetable seeds and flowers: Vilmorin, Takii, Innova seeds, Ergon.

  • In the field of fertilizers SQM Europe N.V.

  • Equipment and agricultural machinery, tools such as Kubota, Khun, AGCO GmbH, Yamabico "Echo, Shandaiwa", PulsFOG, Fogmaster, Victa, Rover, Snapper, Ryan, Al-Ko, Poulan Pro, Little Wonder, Arimitsu, Mesto, Bandit Industries, MM Montanini, Handy.

  •  Jiffy International, Grosfillex, Marseille Industries, Bouillard Freres major companies in the field of agricultural supplements such represent the company



We look forward to lead the agriculture
industry to the next level by being: Our
customers' first choice; Our employees
first choice; Responsible to our owners;
and a leader in our communities. We
are committed to doing more than
meeting our customers' needs.

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