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* Variety: Crmelo

* Scie. Name: Cucumis melo

* Location: Open Field خارجى

* Color: Yellow أصفر

* Weight: 3 - 3.5 kg

* Vigour: Vigorous  نشيط

- Attractive yellow skin with tasty orange flesh.

- Hybrid main season Ananas variety with early maturity.

- Plant is vigorous giving adequate fruit cover during maturity.

- Small seed cavity resulting in more usable flesh.

Melon Carmelo F1.jpg

* Variety: Lilian F1

* Scie. Name: Brassica oleracea

* Location: Open Field خارجى

* Color: Bright white head with good domy shape.

* Maturty: 75 - 85 day

- Medium early hybrid for spring and summer sowing.

- Suitable for fresh market and processing.  

Cauliflower Lilian F1.jpg

* Variety: Clemson Spinaless

* Scie. Name: Abelmoschus esculentus

* Location:  Open Field خارجى

* Cycle: 50 - 60 days

* Color: Dark Green أخضر غامق

* Length: 3 inch

- High yields of spineless, tender ribbed pods with excellent flavor.

- Traditional favorite for soups and stews. Harvest pods when 3 inches long.

- Pods get much bigger, but small pods are more tender.

- Plants just keep growing until cool weather in the fall, so they will get 6 feet or taller in areas with a long, warm growing season.

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