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Sangral Foliar 14-7-34+2MgO+TE    (2kg)

Sangral Foliar 14-7-34+2MgO+TE (2kg)

Sangral® Foliar 14-7-34+2MgO+TE


Sangral® Foliar offers a well-balanced mix of essential plant nutrients designed to prevent and correct nutrient deficiencies by foliar application. Designed to meet requirements for nutrients in highly demanding crop stages when nutrient uptake through the plant’s root system is limited by soil or climatic conditions.

Flexible range of formulas, balanced per phenological stage, to complement the crop’s need.

Contains the optimal selection of macro and micronutrients needed by the plant.

  • Including a high level of N, P or K, or equal NPK levels in a multipurpose formula;
  • All formulas contain Mg, essential for chlorophyl efficiency;
  • All formulas contain 6 micronutrients: chelated Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu in addition to B and Mo;
  • Virtually free of Na, Cl and heavy metals.

Optimized pH improves performance when only alkaline water is available.

Improves efficiency of a wide range of pesticides.

Excellent solubility.

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