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Protect Bedbug and Flea Killer Spray  مبيد بق الفراش

Protect Bedbug and Flea Killer Spray مبيد بق الفراش


works by contact. The substance flushes out and knocks down hiding insects, disrupting their life cycle and preventing them from developing into adults.


    Active ingredient:

    - S-methoprene 2.24 g/l (0.28%) + Pyrethrins 1.5 g/l (0.18%) + Piperonyl butoxide 2.2.9 g/l (0.36%) 


    Novel, up-to-date, ready-to-use product for control of biting insects such as bed bugs, fleas, and other crawling insects. Its S-methoprene content disrupts the life cycle of insects, by preventing their development into adults. The product even controls those pests that are resistant to synthetic pyrethroid insecticides.


    Product may be applied to hard porous and non-porous surfaces, hard and soft furnishing including mattresses among others.



    Application dose:

    Bed bug control: approx. 15 ml (24-26 trigger pulls)/m2

    Flea control: approx. 5 ml (8-9 trigger pulls)/m2


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