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POWER BLOWER  (Backpack Blower) Echo PB-770

POWER BLOWER (Backpack Blower) Echo PB-770

The industry’s best combination of air speed and air volume. The popular, professional-grade PB-770T backpack blower with tube-mounted throttle pushes an astonishing 756 CFM at 234 MPH to send leaves and debris out of sight, out of mind and off the workday to-do list.

  • Tech specs

    • Engine Displacement: 63.3 cc

    • Output: 3.05 kW/4.15 Ps

    • Power source: Petrol (2-stroke)

    • Fuel tank capacity: 2.02 Liter

    • Max Air Volume: 1290 (m3/h) 

    • Max Air Speed: 104.6 (m/sec) = 376.56 (km/hr)

    • Dry Weight: 10.8 kg

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