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Minecto Pro منيستو برو

Minecto Pro منيستو برو

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  • Insecticide is the one-stop-shop for difficult-to-control pests in vegetable and specialty crops. A broad-spectrum, foliar insecticide, controls a wide range of lepidopteran pests as well as difficult-to-control sucking insects in specialty and vegetable crops. Harnessing the power of two complementary active ingredients, cyantraniliprole, and abamectin, into one convenient premix formulation, Minecto Pro controls multiple pest populations that overlap or occur at the same time.

  • Safe on adult of predators, suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


    Active ingredient Abamectin 2.85% + Cyantraniliprole 13.5%
    Formulation Suspension Concentrate (SC)
    Mode of action Contact, Digestive system (Stomach) & Translaminar.



    Target pests Cutworms / Armyworms, Loppers, Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, Tuta absoluta, Leaf miners, Mites, Beetles, Psyllid, Weevil, Lesser dates, Codling Moth, European corn borer.


    Crops Vegetables, Fruit trees & Ornamental plants.
    Methods & Application rate Spray (0.4 - 0.8 ml / 1 liter of water).
    Pre-harvest interval (PHI) Vegetables (7 days), Strawberry (3), Potato (14), Citrus & Fruit tress (28)
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