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Match   ماتش

Match ماتش

MSDS                  BROCHURE                TDS

  • Insect growth regulator (IGR) follow chemical group Benzamide.

  • Effect on the embryos inside the eggs and prevents them from hatching, effective citrus mites eggs.

  • Safe on the adult of predators, suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


    Active ingredient Lufenuron (5%)
    Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
    Mode of action Digestive system (Stomach)


    Target pests (Lepidoptera, Diptera & Colepotera) larvae which feed on plants leaves


    Crops Vegetables, Fruit trees & Ornamental plants.


    Methods & Application rate Spray (0.4 - 0.8 ml /liter water). Thrips spray (2 ml/ liter water).
    Pre-harvest interval (PHI) Vegetables (7 days),   Fruit trees (28 days).


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