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LAWN MOWER Solo by AL-KO 4705 Electric

LAWN MOWER Solo by AL-KO 4705 Electric

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Powerful and silent motor this electric lawn mower is mounted on a steel housing, Ergonomic Handle With Safety guaranteed comfortable working and without fatigue.<br/>The AL-KO 4705 is equipped with a handle at the front of the machine allows you to easy lifting the machine in the garden, for the transport or storage when not in use.<br/>Strong Points of the machine:<br/>Carter avantgrandes in central acierréglage For The hauteurpoignée durable wheels XXL

  • Tech specs

    • Operating mode: Mains Powered

    • Power Source: Electric 1600 watts

    • Cutting Width: 18 (in) = 46 cm

    • Cutting Height/Steps: 2.5 - 7 cm/7

    • Weight: 29.5 Kg

    • Mowing house: Steel

    • Grass catcher capacity: 65 L

    • Wheel Drive: No

    • Wheels front/rear: 20/28 cm

    • NIC Code: 54327

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