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LAWN MOWER Rover Pro Cut 950 SP

LAWN MOWER Rover Pro Cut 950 SP

SKU: 87

The Procut 950 is a 21″ (53cm), durable lawnmower featuring a Blade Break Clutch (BBC) and 196cc Locin engine, Self-propelled, it incorporates Rovers efficient self-drive system to move effortlessly across lawns & drives. With a strengthened alloy deck, it is more resistant to everyday knocks from your garden allowing you to cut with confidence. Other features include: Mulch plug, blade brake clutch & polymer catcher. Disc Mounted Swing tip Cutting System.​​​​​​​

  • Tech specs

    • Engine : 196 cc Rover OHV Engine

    • Engine Series: 950 Series 196 cc 

    • Power Source: Petrol

    • Drive Type: Walk Behind - Self Propelled

    • Cutting Width:  21 (in) = 53 cm

    • Cutting Height Steps:  12

    • Adjustments: Single level

    • Grass Catcher: 65 Ltr

    • NIC Code: 53039

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