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Cipekill EC  سيبيكل

Cipekill EC سيبيكل

 MSDS                 BROCHURE             Label

Emulsifiable concentrate with knock-down action and longlasting residual activity


    Active ingredient Cypermethrin 10%
    Formulation Eulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
    Mode of action Contact & Stomach


    Target pests Cockroach, Mosquitoes, Flies, Fleas, Ants, Wasps, Moths, Beetles.
    Area of use

     • Indoor civil and domestic sites: Houses, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels,....etc. 

     • Outdoor sites with or without vegetation: Walls, Windows, Dumps, Drains,... etc.
     • Zoo-technical sites: by previous animals removal & after all necessary measures are taken to avoid feeding       

       stuffs contamination.


    Methods & Application rate

    (1) Spray: (10 - 20 ml /1 liter / 15 m2).

     (2) ULV: (50 ml /1 liter of water or glycol / 2500 m3 or 1000 m2).

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