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Agita 1 GB   أجيتا

Agita 1 GB أجيتا

MSDS                  BROCHURE

Pesticide in the form of bait is ready to use, follow the group of a new chemical Neonicotinoid.


    * Active ingredient:- Thiamethoxam 1% + Tricosene 0.01%

    * Formulation:- Granular Bait (GB)

    * Mode of action:- Contact and Stomach

    * Target pests:- Flies

    * Area of use:- Building & Animal housing

    * Methods & Application rate:-  

     "A" Scatter bait:  Scatter 2 gm / 1 m2

      It is scattered in the locations where flies are often seen, such as walkways and window-sill.

      "B" Hang-UP:

      It can also be placed on a shallow tray or other shallow container, or placed on a wet cardboard and then hang it up.

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