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CURAMIC AG 220 ML	  كيوراميك

CURAMIC AG 220 ML كيوراميك

  • It is indicated for prevention and control of Myiasis, for any type of wounds, such as castration, tail docking, dehorning, marking, surgical procedures, new-born navel and others.

  • The characteristics of its formula makes possible: the elimination of a large number of parasites and larvae, and prolonged residual activity, preventing contamination. It helps tissue repair, accelerating healing.


    * Active ingredient:- Each 100 ml contains:-

       DDVP (vapona) 1.60 g, Cypermethrin 0.37 gm, Sulfadiazine 0.11 g, Piperonyl butoxide 0.021 g,

       Aluminum powder 4.725 g, Excipients 100 mL, Propellant (butane)

    * Formulation:- Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)

    * Mode of action:- Contact.

    * Target pests:- Bovine, ovine, caprine, equine, swine and canine.

    * Area of use:- Cattle farms and animal stables

    * Methods & Application rate:- Cover the injured area applying Curamic Ag from a distance between 15 to 20 cm.

      Repeat the application when it is necessary.

    * Withdrawal period:- Meat: 6 days.

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